Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Collateral Damage, MURIE War Escalates.

As the war continues and MURIE losses mount their desperation has become appearant.  Unable to score even a single kill against Heathen Army pilots, they have decided to instead declare war against a small industrial corp friendly to the Army and offer us terms.  They proposed to me that I should cease hostilities with Murientor Tribe and their illegal war against this small industrial corp will be dropped.  Our decision will be a hard one considering that we do not want any civilian casualties, but we also cannot reward this sort of terrorism and piracy lest we become a common victim to it.  The simple fact that they are compromising their own ROE, ethics, and Tribe honor and dignity speak volumes of the amount of pressure that can be exerted by just a few motivated pilots that truly believe in their cause.  The once might Murientor have fallen far if they are stooping to pseudo-piracy and hostage taking in order to "call off the dogs".  Quite frankly I dont understand how any honorable Matari could be a part of such cowardice.

I can hardly blame them though, they have lost every even engagement and failed at using superior numbers when they have them.  I am wondering what their allies in Electus Matari think of their piratical acts...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Militia Stands Strong in Backwaters

My payment to Concord must have been overlooked because they have stoppped all aggression with the Murientor temporarily.  I must wait until the current payment goes through and they once again turn a blind eye  before I engage them once more.  However my application to the Militia on behalf of the Heathen Army has been accepted and I formaly entered into engagements for the TLF this evening. 

I was welcomed back into the Militia by a well trained Tempest Legion fleet, led by are34.  After a bit of ribbing about me being a possible spy, I joined their fleet in a Hurrican class battlecruiser and set destination for a possible enemy blockade in the Ardar solar system.  Once we arrived in Ardar we identified hostiles as members of Black Souls Industries in mostly battlecruisers with some support and a lone battleship.  After some maneuvering we were able to isolate and destroy an Abbadon class battleship and exit the field promptly.  The rest of the fleet was made up of mostly nanofiber fit Drakes which we were ill equiped to deal with.  After a brief intermission we reengaged the same hostiles on the Ardar/Hadozeko jump gate, which proved a miscalculation and as the order was given to disengage and retreat I lost my Hurricane.  The engagement was still an overall victory as we traded a battlecruiser for a battleship.  To my supprise I wa also compensated for my lost Hurricane by the Tempest Legion... and they say we Minmatar cannot work together.

This is just further proof that those loyal to the Republic and The Cause are part of a brotherhood that runs deeper than bloodlines.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Into the vipers pit, on both fronts

It is getting ever closer to my rejoining of the Minmatar Militia and I can almost taste the blood of the Amarr.  I long for an Imperial to fall to my guns, and the gods willing, his clone to be extinguished.  However, I am hesitant to shift my attention from the treatcherous Murientor Tribe.  Thier ranks are ripe with treatchery and cowardice, and this cancer must be cut out or the whole will die.  If I could only pin down their most devious of "warriors"... easier said than done for they are slippery serpents. 

Just this evening I was engaged by one of their high ranking officers, Drezdyn.  I was a bit insulted when he attempted to engage my Hurricane class battlecruiser in a Thorax. A Thorax!  The nerve of this bastard.  Knowing he may have support inside station I immediately enage my micro warp drive and put some distance between myself and his Thorax and open fire with a guns.  The first salvo takes his shield, the second a third of his armor, the forth hits and he docks.  I can see respect must be TAKEN from this one.  Wanting to even the odds and increase my own honor when I do destroy this insolent Thorax pilot, I dock myself in a neighboring system and undock in a Rupture...  I will have the glory of destroying this cruiser in honorable combat.  He follows me into system and his Thorax is on scan, but he is gone in an instant.  I follow him back into Frerstorn, or I assume that is where he has gone, but I find SmokeXN in a Taranis waiting on the gate.  He engages me and has me scramed, I think of engaging knowing the Thorax will surely join after the fight has ensued but to my salvation an unsavy Wex Manchester, in a Rook, jumps the gun and warps in, time to get out.  I make my way back to the gate and jump through.... the Thorax is on this side!  I engage immediately and send out a challenge on all frequencies.  He hesitates for a second, then turns back toward the gate.  Coward! 

The warrior Drezdyn would make a nice addition to my kill list, but I want the politicians Wex and Smoke so much more.  Neither are warriors, but they have each done more damage with their cloak and dagger politics than all the warriors of the Murientor combined.  That isnt saying much judging by their performance tonight.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heathen Army Established, Murientor No More.

Heathen Army has been established and I am more excited now than I have been in such a long time.  The Murientor dont have the stomach for this kind of war, the kind we must undertake for the very survival of our people, one of extermination.  Their beuracracy and clandestine politics has forced them to lose sight of what we are here for, lose sight of the real enemy.  They have become weak and impotent, unable to function without direct oversight from a handful of officers, no better than nanites that do their function when programed. 

No more.  I will cleanse their ranks through autocannon and artillery, assimilating those warriors true to the cause into The Army, and leaving the rest to continue their degradation.  First blood in my personal crusade has already been claimed.  I was honored that such a fine warrior as Markius TheShed would be the first to engage me, though I was not suprised.  He exited warp to find me waiting off their undock in a Hurricane class battlecruiser, guns primed and ready, all combat systems functioning.  He immediately docked, knowing his Rupture class cruiser was no match, but true to form undocked shortly in a Hurricane of his own.  His vessel was ill equiped to deal with what I had and he was soon dispatched.  I saw myself for an instant as his Hurricane exploded, and Im quite confident this warrior will come to the same conclusions that I have... in time.